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For most businesses and institutions, real estate forms an extremely important part of that enterprise, irrespective of the industry sector in which that business operates.  Most corporate and private businesses require some property from which to operate their physical activities be that either property owned by that business or leased for that purpose. 

In addition, some businesses may rely heavily on indirect investment in real estate.  For example, international franchising chains are heavily reliant upon networks of sites and buildings leased or owned by their franchisees. 

Since "business accommodation" can encompass a wide range of property types all of which require some degree of specialist understanding which is generally unique to property professionals, it is generally only the major corporations that will have the skills or awareness to deal with their business accommodation needs in a truly strategic manner.  Whilst all forms of business accommodation will have some actual or opportunity cost to that business this implies that for many businesses a critical cost component of their operation is not being dealt with in the appropriate strategic manner.

At Carter Property we have the experience and skills to assist business operators and institutions to include their business accommodation or property needs as part of their overall business strategic reviews and planning.  We are able to provide adhoc strategic advice in relation to specific property issues or a wider and ongoing strategic planning service, which can form a critical plank in the client's overall business strategies. 

Accordingly, we are able to exercise our principals extensive experience in corporate real estate, management and strategic planning and the provision of general strategic property advice, network analysis and site procurement, occupation cost reduction, lease negotiation, tenant advocacy, asset management and development consultancy.  Further details on the specific services please click on the links on the side of this web page or contact our joint principal Mr Nick Carter for a no obligation confidential discussion.

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