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Occupation Cost Reduction

Any business enterprise that has physical business accommodation needs will have a cost associated with those needs which will to some degree impact the profitability and viability of that business.  For some businesses such as retail shops, this cost can be second only to the cost of goods in determining the net profitability of the enterprise.  Accordingly, management of business occupation costs can be absolutely critical to the viability of that enterprise. 

 Our director’s skills in the creation and implementation of occupation cost strategies particularly for retail businesses can be applied to your business no matter what its size or type of operation.  Our additional skills in the areas of corporate real estate and property consulting can also be bought to bear to ensure that a wider strategic approach is used by your business to deal with occupation cost issues in the longer term.  

Even if you own single premises from which your business operates, there are measures you can take to mitigate your business occupation costs including for example management of outgoing expenses such as rates and taxes.  For more property intensive business operations such as retail chains, Carter Property can assist with complete cost analysis reporting and advice which will either immediately improve profitability through reduced cost or ultimately ensure that the right steps are taken to mitigate future costs.

For a confidential no obligation discussion to identify how Carter Property can assist your business please contact our director Mr Nick Carter.

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