Do you sell houses?

Absolutely! Our vast experience allows us to sell in any market. We regularly set price records due to our unique selling skills.

Can you provide a single point of contact for all our property requirements?

For sure! There is no need to talk to different departments, one call is all you need.

Are you licensed valuers?

Yes we are! Valuers are actually termed “Qualified Valuers” and are certified by the Austrlaian Property Institure (API). Not only are we Certified Practising Valuers (CPV) but fellow members of the API and certified in many property-related fields. No one else in South Australia is as qualified as Carter Property.

Do you deal in Commerical Property?

Commercial property is our speciality! For example, we manage shopping centres, sell medical centres, value industrial complexes and lease commerical premises

Do you do valuations for Community/Strata lot entitlement sheets and SMSFs?

We can definitely do this for you, it is a core part of our valuation business!